Project 2016


Join Leadership Germantown, as we come together in community,

to help raise funds for the

Germantown Police Department Honor Guard.

A Germantown Police Department Honor Guard will be established to represent the department at police funerals, parades, and other ceremonial occasions. At ceremonial occasions and parades, the Honor Guard may also serve as the “guardians of the colors” by displaying and escorting the National and State flag. Honor Guard representatives adhere to formal etiquette and wear ceremonial police uniforms.

The Honor Guard represent the highest ideals of the Germantown Police Department. The most important assignment of the Honor Guard will be to represent the police department at police funerals where they will pay their respect in a highly organized and trained manner.

Members of the Honor Guard will be Officers of the Germantown Police Department who volunteer for this assignment because they have a high degree of pride, honor and integrity. It is an assignment that is highly regarded.  – Peter G Hoell, Chief of Police

Please help us meet this goal by joining us.

Attached here is the flyer and Entry Form to the Community Golf Outing on June 9, 2016.

For further information contact: Mark Schroeder (414) 975-6795 or Sandy Dobrogowski at (262) 247-5483


The event is now over and it was a huge success.  Everyone there had a great time!


A special note from the Chief of Police for Germantown:


I have been hearing positive feedback about the outing. The general comments were that it was a very enjoyable outing that was well organized.

Not only do I want to thank you again for all your hard work, but more importantly, to thank you for your passion for this protect. For me, the success of your project wasn’t about the money you raised. It was about the experience. As far as I am concerned, your group far exceeded your goal even before the outing.

I hope the first time you see the GPD Honor Guard, you are filled with a sense of pride knowing you helped make it happen.

Peter G Hoell

Chief of Police

Germantown Police Department


Golf outing photos gratis of Brandon Medved Photography, LLC