Program Topics Covered

Community Dynamics

Learn about the history of Germantown

Learn how the Village Government, Police, Fire, Library, Rec. Dept., Schools, Chamber, Health Care organizations, Housing, Community Groups, Non-profits and Businesses interact to make Germantown a community

Learn about past Leadership projects and meet past participants

Expand your ideas about how you can become more involved in making Germantown a better place

Gain valuable knowledge of how to ask questions that get answers you need


Leadership Dynamics (leading and influencing):

Gain valuable information and insights into your leadership strengths and discover what competencies you need to develop or refine for greater success.

Learn to build rapport, achieve trust, gain respect and have authority in a positive way

Build a winning professional image and project a more dynamic image

Identify what motivates others to achieve high levels of performance and effectiveness

Discover/build your own unique voice as a leader

Master skills to add to your credibility and influence

Strengthen active listening skills to show interest and concern


Goal Setting Dynamics

Become a strategic partner with your family, boss, co-workers, and team members

Increase your visionary thinking skills, build greater buy-in and overcome resistance to change

Identify the stage of team development your group is in and respond and adapt appropriately

Evaluate your role of team leader; select actions that will guide and support the team to the achievement of shared goals

Learn to anticipate problems and solve them as they arise


Team Building Dynamics (practical hands-on experience):

Understand different team player styles for more effective collaboration

Focus on how to plan, organize, communicate and motivate your team

Handle conflict and discourse with agility and professionalism

Discover the secrets of being an effective negotiator

Overcome resistance to change and gain commitment

Celebrate success and encourage others


Personal Dynamics (be the best you can be):

Increase your real world experiences from peers, skill presenters and community leaders

Challenge and expand your comfort zone

Model leadership with heart upon understanding your Social Style

Understand how emotional intelligence, personality and perception affect your life