Letter from our Previous President

Dear Visitors, Alumni and Participants,headshot

As a resident of Germantown for over 19 years, I have been an advocate of community involvement being the fundamental part in growing area businesses, leaders and programs. There is no other program that does this more than Leadership Germantown. Through the many programs and participants who have graduated from this program since it began in 2000, Germantown has continued to strengthen it's presence in Southeastern Wisconsin and had ranked in the Top 100 place to live in the United State for three of the last ten years by Money Magazine.

When new businesses, people and families move to Germantown, we are able to share with them the high ratings of our schools, our excellence in police protection and the outstanding offerings of our Parks and Rec department. I can tell them how area business owners from independents to large companies contribute to our community with projects like the Kid's Closet and the Tree Stock fundraiser to beautify Germantown. Our strong ties with the Germantown Historical Society Oktoberfest, Kiwanis with Mai Fest and the 4th of July Parade along with others help to keep our deep heritage and sense of community alive.

Leadership Germantown is the catalyst for these programs because the participants come from all areas of the community and share a desire to learn about Germantown, enhance its development and strive to make it a better place to live. By doing this, participants grow both professionally and personally as they expand their network of opportunity and gain life-long friendships in the process.

If you were to ask me "what can I do as a new person in Germantown" or "how can I help the community", my answer is to join Leadership Germantown. I will be happy to share my personal experience as a resident and independent business owner as well as refer you to many others who can share their experience.

Please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and learning how you can help Germantown and how Leadership Germantown can benefit you.

Kevin Nash
Previous President of the Board
Leadership Germantown