Community Dynamics (community awareness):
• Be more familiar with the history of Germantown.
• Know how the Village and County Government, Police, Fire, Library, Rec. Dept., Schools, Chamber,
Health Care organizations, Housing, Community Groups, Non-profits and Businesses interact to make
Germantown what it is.
• Learn about past Leadership projects and meet past participants.
• Understand diversity in all aspects of the community.
• Expand your ideas about how you can become more involved in making Germantown a better place.
Communication Dynamics (creating shared meaning):
• Identify and build on your communication strengths.
• Master skills to add to your credibility and influence.
• Strengthen active listening skills to show interest and concern.
• Gain valuable knowledge of how to ask questions that get answers you need.
• Clarify meaning and verify information to minimize misunderstanding and wasting time.
Leadership Dynamics (leading and influencing):
• Gain valuable information and insights into your leadership strengths and discover what competencies
you need to develop or refine for greater success.
• Learn to build rapport, achieve trust, gain respect and have authority in a positive way.
• Build a winning professional image and project a more dynamic image.
• Step up to the leadership challenge.
• Identify what motivates others to achieve high levels of performance and effectiveness.
• Discover/build your own unique voice as a leader.
Goal Setting Dynamics (Specific, measurable, achievable, time-sensitive, results-oriented Plan of Action):
• Become a strategic partner with your family, boss, co-workers, and team members.
• Increase your visionary thinking skills, build greater buy-in and overcome resistance to change.
• Identify the stage of team development your group is in and respond and adapt appropriately.
• Evaluate your role of team leader; select actions that will guide and support the team to the
achievement of shared goals.
• Learn to anticipate problems and solve them as they arise.
Team Building Dynamics (practical hands-on experience):
• Understand different team player styles for more effective collaboration.
• Focus on how to plan, organize, communicate and motivate your team.
• Handle conflict and discourse with agility and professionalism.
• Discover the secrets of being an effective negotiator.
• Overcome resistance to change and gain commitment.
• Celebrate success and encourage others.
Personal Dynamics (the best possible me):
• Increase your real world experiences from peers, skill presenters and community leaders.
• Challenge and expand your comfort zone.
• Understand, practice and internalize The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
• Model leadership with heart upon understanding your Myers-Briggs Type.
• Understand how emotional intelligence, personality and perception affect your life.
• Develop flexibility in actions, thoughts and feelings to better handle any situation.